Warning Signs of Suicide: How to Spot the Symptoms and Get Help


****I am not a mental health professional.  I am a mom who has walked this road and can offer support****

Suicide is a problem that is often misunderstood. Many people do not know how to spot the warning signs of someone who may be suicidal. This can lead to tragic consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss the warning signs of suicide and what you can do to get help for someone who is in danger.

One of the most important things to remember is that suicidal individuals often give warning signs before they attempt to take their own lives. If you know what to look for, you can spot these signs and get help for the person before it is too late. 

Some common warning signs of suicide include talking about wanting to die or hurt oneself is giving away possessions.  Calling and telling someone goodbye, expressing feelings of hopelessness, showing signs of depression such as withdrawing from friends and activities, changes in eating or sleeping habits, or sudden mood swings. One sign that is so hard to spot is an unusual mood change for the better.  A child that has been seriously depressed and then all of a sudden happy can be a huge red flag.  Usually it means that they are at peace with their decision to die by suicide.  The only way to know if they are planning to attempt suicide is to ask.  It is not an easy question but the one question that can save their life.  

“Are you thinking of suicide?” 
“Do you have a plan?” 

If you see any of these warning signs in someone you know, do not leave them alone. Remove any firearms, knives, or other items that could be used to harm oneself. Get the person to seek professional help, whether that means making an appointment with a therapist or going to the emergency room. You can also call a suicide hotline in your area. Remember, you are not alone in this and there is help available.  
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