The lazy moms guide to easy mornings

Morning Mom Routine -Ways to Simplify Your Mornings

Whatever your mom hustle is, mornings can get pretty chaotic and just one thing going wrong can throw off your entire day (and make everyone extra cranky pants) I'm not claiming you'll never have a crazy morning again, because let's be real here, #momlife. BUT I do have a few tips on surviving them and making your morning mom routine a little easier! (Don't forget to leave me some of your morning mom hacks in the comments below!)
Prepare the night before
Prepare EVERYTHING the night before. I mean EVERYTHING. Outfits, school bags, shoes. THE SHOES! Make sure you have them TOGETHER at the front door ready to go, the night before. I don’t know how, but there always seems to be one shoe missing (Pssst..check the dog food bag) that takes two hours to locate and now you’re late, so trust me - find the shoes.
Prepare lunches for the next day right after dinner. That way you don’t have to clean up twice and it’s out of the way.  Get everyone’s outfits for the next day ready and place them wherever your kids get ready in the morning. Right after breakfast they can get dressed and you're not running around like a crazy person looking for socks.  Bonus tip: This is going to sound crazy but trust me.  If you have a kid that takes 7 hours to get dressed or fights with you about getting dressed then try this. Let them sleep in their school clothes!  I know it sounds crazy but it works.  After they shower and brush their teeth let get dressed.  Instead of pj's they wear school clothes.  BAM one less thing to worry about the next day.  
Get up before the kids.
There’s something wonderful about getting up before everyone else in the house. It’s so quiet and peaceful and will give you some time to collect your thoughts before the craziness of the day starts. Did I mention it’s quiet? Make a coffee, drink it hot, watch the news, grab some breakfast, all in silence. You will see your mornings run smoother by doing this. (Even on weekends!)
Don’t Hit Snooze.
That snooze button is tempting - especially when you’re a worn out mama but the sooner you get up, the better. Hitting snooze too many times will make you feel even more tired and sluggish. So get up and go grab that HOT coffee, while you can.  Bonus tip:  We all love our nespresso or our keurig but one thing that has helped me get out of bed in the am is to set my coffee pot for about 20 minutes before I get up.  My alarm goes off, I smell the fresh brewed coffee and it is that much better.  I personally love this coffee pot.  ** This is an affiliate link so I may receive a small commission.  

These were just a few ideas to help you get your morning routine on track. Have any of your own tips or tricks to share that make your morning mom routine a little less hectic? Drop them in the comments! 
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  1. I don't have kids but I do prepare everything the night before just for an easier morning. Mornings can be chaotic so any way of reducing that is music to my ears!
  2. Great article! Especially the preparing is something I have to learn!! Great tips!

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